“Focus first on building the profits of our clients; if we do a good job with this, then the rest will take care of itself for our own business.”

A.L. “Tot” Morton
Agency Founder

Loyalty is our calling card.

While many agencies change clients often, our commitment and respect for every client is unshakeable – which explains why so many clients have remained with us for decades. Built upon a national base of allied poultry businesses in the early 1970s, today the agency represents a diversified range of international clients from Northeast Georgia, up and down the Eastern coast and into Europe.

Over the course of 17 years, we helped a rural electric utility grow from a virtual unknown to a major, well-respected player in the economic development of a seven-county metro Atlanta region.

Financial institutions are a strong area of expertise. From a community bank to a NASDAQ-listed holding company with interests in four regional banks, our agency has been an integral part of their strategic growth. We work closely with environmental protection companies, and have helped launch and garner international interest in a revolutionary line of products that remove oil and toxins from water. We have a long-term commitment to positioning and publicizing a future regional reservoir.

Other areas of focus include educational institutions, health care, real estate and local, regional and statewide business-to business communications.

Here’s a sampling of our client expertise:

  • Financial
  • Healthcare
  • Poultry/agrimarketing
  • Electric utilities
  • Banking and finance
  • Retirement living
  • Environmental technology
  • Educational institutions
  • Manufacturing
  • Communications
  • Development
  • Resort properties
  • Insurance
  • Legal
  • Transportation logistics