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Facebook Introduces New Ways to Measure Store Visits and Sales via Mobile

Posted by Tabitha Davidson-Weaver on Jun 14

It’s no secret that mobile use has changed the way we market to consumers, and Facebook has changed the game when it comes to mobile marketing. Just this morning, Facebook announced new ways for businesses to drive consumers to their brick-and-mortar stores, measure those visits, and tie in-store sales to Facebook ad campaigns.

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Managing App Permissions on Facebook

Posted by Tabitha Davidson Weaver on Feb 17

Last month, we shared a Facebook post about app permissions. Since there has been an increased focus on Internet security over the past week, we thought it would be a great time to show you how to increase the security of your information on Facebook. There are several apps that use permission-granting technology, and the conditions on which they can access your account are oftentimes hazy.    

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How to Enhance Your LinkedIn Profile

Posted by Tabitha Davidson Weaver on May 01

These days, we recognize that staying on top of the latest social media trends is a must, and making sure your LinkedIn profiles are memorable is a great way to stay ahead of the curve. Business professionals are constantly searching for leads on social networking sites like LinkedIn and Twitter, and if your profile or business page isn’t up to par, you might not get the recognition you deserve.

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The Top Ten Reasons Your Company Should be Using Social Media

Posted by Tabitha Davidson Weaver on Oct 29

Many of you may know that social media is a growing cultural phenomenon, but did you know that there are more people worldwide with access to a smart phone than there are who own toothbrushes? Use this to your business' advantage and be active on social media!

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Using LinkedIn Groups Features to Increase Website Traffic & Grow Your Business

Posted by Tabitha Davidson Weaver on Apr 30

LinkedIn recently announced they have reached over 300 million users on their website, and a study found that the social media business networking giant directs 64% of all social media initiated corporate website visits. Let Morton Vardeman & Carlson help you take advantage of LinkedIn’s resources.

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