How to Use ‘Pokémon Go’ to Market to Millennials

Posted by Tabitha Davidson Weaver on Jul 13

Pokémon Go has taken the country by storm in the last few days. Here's a basic description of the game and a few suggestions of how you can draw players to your business. 

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Referral Programs: an Excellent Marketing and New Business Development Tool

Posted by Patrick Ceska on Aug 22

Building deep relationships with clients is a cornerstone of any successful business venture. It is no secret that customers today are less trusting of what companies say themselves versus what their friends, colleagues or a third party say about a business.

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Meeting Multigen Marketing Needs

Posted by Tiffany Fessler on May 08

I just moved, and it was not fun! It was my second move in a year – from a house, to a shared house, to a much larger shared house. There are four of us living there – me, my husband, my son and my mom. At one point in my marketing life, I would have said this puts me in the sandwich generation, but now I’m not so sure…

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Norton Intelligence: Trend One – It’s Not the End of the World

Posted by AE/Contributor on Jan 23

We enjoyed the John Cusack action-adventure movie “2012” as much as the rest of you, but Norton’s first trend he unveiled in his mid-January Norton Intelligence report made us feel a little better about where things are going.

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